Worcestershire Live In Care

Worcestershire Live In Care

If you are considering live in care service in England, understanding the options available to you is important. You want personalised care in the comfort of your own home as well as a carer available 24/7 to assist you with your daily tasks. You also want that care to be as cost-effective as possible to ensure that you can sustain your quality of life. While this all might seem like a lot to ask for, it’s what  Worcestershire Safehands Live In Care offers their clients every day. In fact, with Safehands, you not only get a trained and qualified live in carer, you also get a friend and companion, someone you can talk to and enjoy life with.

Safehands Live In Care enables you to live your life on your terms and experience more of what life has to offer. Regardless of your mobility issues, complex care condition or lifestyle needs, live in care in Worcestershire can make it happen for you!

As the UK’s most trusted live in care provider, Safehands Live In Care has a reputation for quality service and support. We are one of only a few UK live in care agencies to receive a “Good” rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and that means you can count on us for the care and companionship you need.


Worcestershire Safehands Live In Care
Elderly senior care at home

Why Is Live In Care?

Live in care provides personalised care, an experienced live in carer and 24/7 support for elderly clients wanting to live independent lifestyles from the comfort of their own homes.

Being a cost-effective alternative to residential care homes, live in care in Worcestershire offers something they don’t, truly personalised care. If you need help with medication dosing, mobility issues, daily activities and more, the professional care you will receive from Safehands Live In Care will make a dramatic difference in your life.

24-hour home care can give elderly couples the confidence of knowing that an experienced professional live in carer is available to provide the 24-hour care they need.

By offering our clients continuity of care and a sustainable relationship with a live in carer, Safehands Live In Care can improve their quality of life as well as their physical and mental well-being.

 Live In Care Benefits?

The benefits of live in care over residential home care are clear, live in care provides a higher level of care and support. With live in care, you live in the comfort of your home with familiar surroundings. You also get custom tailored care services and 24-hour care at home whereas a residential care home focuses on the needs of a large group instead of a single client.

Another benefit of Safehands Live In Care is that we are a local live in care services agency. Our local live in care in Worcestershire is managed, supported and quality assured by a care management team who can answer your questions and ensure that you are getting the best care possible.

Some examples of when families may use Worcestershire live in care include:

Clients Currently Receiving Hourly Visiting Care

Many elderly people receiving social services provided hourly visiting care, are beginning to notice that their care is not as personalised, or as thorough, as it should be.

With live in care in Worcestershire, an experienced care professional lives with you in your home and provides one-to-one care and companionship that is personalised to your needs.

Live in care in Worcestershire is less expensive when compared to hourly visiting care, especially when you require sleepover night care.

 24 hour Home at Care for Couples

Safehands Live In Care provides cost-effective live in care in Worcestershire to elderly couples as well. When one, or both, people need live in care, the team of live in care experts will be there 24/7 providing the support they need.

Research shows that when elderly couples are able to stay together in their homes, their physical health and mental well-being are improved greatly.

Another advantage of choosing live in care over residential care for elderly couples is that there is no need to pay for two beds as most residential care homes require.

 Hospital Discharge

By liaising with the hospital discharge team, ward manager, nurses, doctors and specialists, Safehands Live In Care can ensure the required level of care for our clients’ discharge from the hospital.

Specialist Care Needs

Our patients with complex care issues require an experienced carer to assist them with the effects of dementia, Parkinson’s and other special medical conditions. Safehands Live In Care offers full-time live in care in England which ensures more personalised care, continuity of care, a better client / carer relationship and a better quality of life.

Elderly Falls Prevention

Accidents, including falls are a major cause of ill-health and increasing hospital admission rates in the elderly. A live in carer in Worcestershire can help prevent falls and other household accidents, while being available to assist with first aid and alert emergency personnel when needed.

How Do I Arrange 24 hour home care In Worcestershire?

Speak To Our Local Team

To arrange live in care in Worcestershire, call a Safehands representative today on 0203 417 0090 (Local number) or 0208 617 8113 (Head Office London). We will discuss your needs and help you understand what we have to offer.

24 hour Home Care Assessment

At a time convenient to you, a Safehands local home care manager will meet with you to discuss our services and assess your care needs.

Create Your Tailored Care Plan

Then, we will create a tailored care plan and review it with you to ensure that your individual care needs are being addressed.

Carer Matching And Introductions

Finally, a local care management team will match you with suitable live in carers in Worcestershire and introduce you and your family to them before your personalised care begins. support will be provided by a local care management team who will also monitor your care.


How do I arrange for 24 hour care at home?, please call us today.

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