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Companion care

At Safehands, we provide professional, friendly and compassionate live in carers that offer companionship live in care. Our companion care leaves you reassured that you or your loved one stay safe when you are not around. Companion care lets you retain your independence. The service is good for senior man or a woman that need support with day-to-day activities.

Our live in carer comes to live with you. Live in carers help in planning and meal preparation, and they accompany you while eating. They do shopping for you and assist you during main events or family gatherings. If you feel down, depressed or suffer from anxiety, our live in carers will try to engage you in the activities that once were fun for you. They will also offer emotional support.

How can you benefit from our companion live in care service?


companion care

Freshly made nutritious meals

A part of our companionship care involves preparation of healthy and nutritious meals for our clients. Our live in carers allow you to cook the meal of your preference and they assist you during the process. All our clients eat healthy, fresh and nutritious meals that are being prepared daily for them.

Light housekeeping

Our live in carers help in light housekeeping. It means that all activities such as vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, washing, ironing and organising wardrobes and drawers will be done for you.

Shopping and transport

If you have any medical appointments, hair or beauty salon visits, family gatherings, our live in carer will not only provide transport but will also assist you if required. Running errands or reminding you to take prescribed medications is the part of our live in carers’ duties too.

Laundry and dressing

Personal hygiene and appearance can increase your self-esteem and make your mood better. Our live in carers help with washing, combing hair, applying lotion, and dressing. Whenever we feel good about our appearance, we are happier. Our live in carers will involve clients in laundry, ironing, and other daily activities to make sure that everything is done according to their preferences.


As an agency with substantial experience in live in care industry, we make sure that we send the right carer to you. At Safehands, we carefully listen to your needs and requirements. We understand how communication is essential in services like this one. We send you not only the carer that is professional and experienced but also the one that matches your personality and interests.

Safehands Companionship Live In Care Service Includes:

Running errands
Light household activities (cleaning, dusting, changing bed linen, meal preparation, sweeping, and other)
Scheduling and organising trips and other visits
Arranging travel and transportation
Basic personal care (washing, dressing, applying lotion, combing hair)
Caring for client’s pets if a client owns any

Companion Care for Couples

Safehands Live In Care also provides companion care for couples. The live in care service we offer is personalised. We help couples to stay independent for as long as possible. So that, they do not need to leave their home. Companionship live in care is a great option for people who do not want to separate. Our live in carers make sure that their care needs are being met at all times. Couples stay home and live the lifestyle they used to live with no major changes to their routine.

If you have any questions regarding our companion live in care service, get in touch. Call us on 0203 417 0090 or send an e-mail to [email protected] One of our care consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

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