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Hospital Discharge Care

Care after hospital discharge is one of the many services that we offer our clients here at Safehands Live in Care Ltd, so that you do not walk through the recovery road on your own, our caregivers are professionals who are medically trained. We understand that being discharged from the hospital is a very sensitive period for you. This means that once you choose us, you will have a smoother time as you recuperate. Our caregivers collaborate with your physician and family members in order to ensure that you receive the best care, take the right dosage and in good time as well as have ample rest.

When you come out of hospital or discharge from hospital, our care after hospital discharge service allows you to recuperate in a familiar and comfortable environment where your loved ones can pop in at any time and stay for as long as you wish. In addition, you have the freedom to keep your pets and attend to your normal routine as you wish.

Benefits of Safehands Live in Care Ltd caregivers

  • Assistance with toileting and continence needs
  • Hospital to home care means that we provide medical checkup and follow up in liaison with your physician.
  • Our caregivers cook and feed the clients as well as keep them hydrated at all times
  • Help with the washing and various hygiene needs such as shaving and bathing.
  • Our caregivers also take the clients for shopping, GP appointment and mobility because we believe that even as a client recuperates, they need to stay active and vibrant.
  • Also provide a shoulder to lean on to our clients because we believe that apart from physical ailments, loneliness is not such a beautiful feeling. In addition, we encourage our clients to open up and share anything that might be burning them deep within.
  • Our caregivers provide any other form of assistance that might overwhelm a client as they recuperate. As such, a caregiver might regulate phone calls, appointments and visitations with the help of the client of course.
  • Our caregivers also ensure that the client sticks to the physician’s requirements and in case the condition deteriorates, the caregiver will give your family doctor a phone call and get in touch with your loved ones.
  • Our caregivers also ensure that any medical or healthcare equipment is functioning and stays in working condition.

Coming out of hospital can be a very difficult and sensitive, our caregivers are fully equipped and trained to give the necessary care without stepping their mandates. Here at Safehands Live in Care Ltd, we respect the fact that you need to maintain your privacy and independence even as you recuperate. For more information about care after hospital
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