Care In Your Own home

Care at home becomes more and more popular among older people. A majority of seniors prefer to stay home instead of going to the residential institution. In home care gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. It offers a personalised approach where our caregiver assists you with your daily activities according to your usual routines and lifestyle.

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Companion Care

Companion care At Safehands, we provide professional, friendly and compassionate live in carers that offer companionship live in care. Our companion care leaves you reassured that you or your loved one stay safe when you are not around. Companion care

Respite Care at home

What is respite care at home? Are you caring for someone on a full-time basis? Have you ever thought about taking a break but you are afraid to leave your loved one on their own? It is where respite care

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Care after hospital discharge

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Elderly Care at home

  Supported Living at home   At Safehands Live in Care, we are dedicated to providing supported living at home for people with various care needs and conditions. Our clients do not have to leave the comfort of their homes to


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