Northamptonshire Live in care

 Northamptonshire Live in care

Our organisation is one of the most reliable live in care provider in the UK and are a local agency for the areas we cover who has received the Care Quality Commission rating of Good. A comprehensive and all-inclusive provision, the Northamptonshire live in care service we provide consists of friendship, companionship, medication assistance and personal care as standard and more specialised care for complex situations and conditions like multiple sclerosis, strokes, Parkinson’s and dementia.


What Does the Term Live In Care Mean?

 Northamptonshire Live in care
Northamptonshire Live in care

The term live in care, also known as 24-hour care at home involves a trained carer living with an individual to ensure their daily needs are met. It may involve helping the client at any time of night or day.

As an alternative to traditional care and nursing home admission, live in care in Northamptonshire has become exceptionally popular. Mainly because it accounts for an individual’s ever-changing needs while allowing them to remain at their own property.

It also enables both single elderly individuals and couples to continue a relatively independent life within their means and abilities, with the knowledge that the 24-hour home care can help them if necessary. 24-hour care means they have a professional carer in waiting, always.

With our service in place, it provides the individual with a consistent level of care because the carer is there under the same roof every week and it also means a strong friendship and companionship can be established between the carer and client.

How Does Our Live in Care Service Differ From Traditional Alternatives?

There are various positive aspects of opting for care at home rather than in a nursing or care home facility. This means the individual can remain in a place where they feel comfortable, familiar with and can live out their daily routines without too much disruption. This is essential for individuals with dementia.

Our 24-hour care at home services are fully bespoke and designed to meet the unique needs of the client. Therefore, we will always draft up a customised plan of care that includes the individual’s routine and specific outcomes they are looking to achieve from the arrangement.

We differ from a lot of UK care providers because our services are provided locally and overseen on a local level. Live in care in Northamptonshire as offered by Safehands is fully quality assured, supported and managed directly from our local office. This also involves a care management team covering the local area and we carry out unannounced visits on a regular basis to offer support to clients and carers and make sure everyone is happy.

When it comes down to expenses, our live-in care in Northamptonshire is also a better option than residential nursing and care homes, especially if the client is a couple that would need to pay for two beds at a home.

The following are examples of families who may find Northamptonshire live in care helpful suitable:

Care At Home for Elderly Couples

We offer our live-in care in Northamptonshire for elderly couples, whether it is one or both partners who need assistance and care. By choosing this form of care, they can continue living together in their own home, with the bonus of knowing there is always professional help on hand from one of our trained carers. The help they offer could range from simple tasks around the home to help with medication and personal care. It is also a lot more cost-effective for couples, where they are only paying for one carer, but would need to pay for two beds at a care home facility.

Falls Prevention

One of the most common causes of hospital admissions and ill health among the elderly is accidental trips and falls. Having a professional live in carer in Northamptonshire, therefore, can be important for preventing trips and falls and making sure they can live safely in general with their own home. Having a carer on hand also means the alarm can be raised quickly if they do suffer a trip, fall or another medical emergency. Which in turn could reduce the risk of them needing to be admitted to hospital or something worse.

Individuals with Specialist Care Requirements

For individuals who live with complicated and serious health conditions such as Parkinson’s or dementia or who need some other form of specialist care, around the clock live in care in England could be a more effective and efficient form of care than domiciliary care. Likewise, it may be a better option than a nursing or care home. Clients always get a consistent level of care and as its fully tailored and more beneficial. 24-hour care in your own home also fosters good relationships between carers and clients.

Help Make Discharge from Hospital Possible

There are situations where there must be an assurance that an adequate standard of care can be arranged to ensure any discharge from hospital back to their home is sustainable and safe. With the team of Northamptonshire live in care experts at Safehands, we can provide elderly individuals with a managed and assisted return to their home. While planning for this we will assess the needs for care and liaise with healthcare workers.

Clients Receiving Domiciliary Care

We have found that many families who  receive domiciliary care or hourly home care visits often switch to 24-hour care at home or care in your own home as a more effective option. This is often a result of there being a high number of visits daily and the involvement of more than one carer. It may also result from the cost being the same or higher than live in care.

The cost of hourly care can really ramp up when night care is involved. Comparatively, with a UK live in car service like ours, you get the benefit of care on a one-to-one level from two trained carers who work on a rota basis. Therefore, there is always a consistent level of care and good relationships developed.

How Do I Plan for Live In Care in Northamptonshire

Contact Safehands

To plan for live in care as offered by us, call us directly at Safehands on 0208 617 8113 or 0203 417 0090. For further information visit our website at We have a team of warm and helpful experts who can discuss your care needs and help you work out what option is best for you when you are considering live in care in England.

Assessment of Your Home Care Needs

When it is convenient for you, one of our professional home care managers will come to you home, care home or wherever you are currently receiving care to carry out an assessment of your care needs and answer any questions and queries you might have regarding care.

Make a Bespoke Plan of Care

We will work alongside you to develop a plan of care that fits your needs based on our assessment.

Assign and Introduce Your Carer

At Safehands we work hard to assign the best live in carers in Northamptonshire that will suit you as an individual and your needs. We will introduce you to one another before the care commences. Remember though, your care will be monitored constantly by our team and the local care manager and their team are available for additional support.

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