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As England’s leading elderly live in care service, Safehands Live In Care Isle of Man offers the personalised support you need to live independently in your own home. If you live with mobility issues or complex care needs, your home can become a dangerous place full of accidents waiting to happen. Live in care can make your home less dangerous and your life easier by providing the assistance you need to do more and experience more of the world around you.

At Safehands Live In Care, our reputation is based on trust and we have been awarded a “good” rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a result of our commitment to caring for the needs of our clients.

 What Is Live In Care?


live in care isle of Man
Isle of Man live in care service

If you are asking yourself, just what is live in care, we are going to answer that question and many more. The notion of live in care is actually quite simple. Elderly men, women or couples live in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes with a professionally trained live in carer who attends to their daily needs. Live in care on the Isle of Man also ensures continuity of care which can be important to our clients’ daily routines. From cooking, cleaning and running errands, to ensuring clients’ prescription medications are taken at the proper time and in the correct dose, a live in carer is always there to provide the care and assistance our clients need.

Live in care on the Isle of Man is very popular with today’s elderly who want the comfort and familiarity of living in their homes, combined with the independence they might be lacking due to their age, lack of mobility or any medical

restrictions. By providing 24/7 assistance and     companionship, Safehands Live In Care dramatically increase our clients’ quality of life.


How Is Live In Care Different?

Is live in care the same as living in a care home? Not at all. In fact, live in care is much better and for many reasons. In a residential care home, you do get professional care any time of day, but with live in care, you live in your own home with the people, surroundings and possessions you love most. This is especially important for patients requiring complex care such as those suffering with dementia.

With a wide range of care plans individually tailored to every client’s specific needs, Safehands Live In Care focuses on creating a better quality of life.

With the rising costs of residential care homes, live in care is much more cost effective than residential care home service, especially for couples.

Safehands Live In Care is a locally owned and operated live in care provider which means that our live in care is managed, supported and quality assured by a local management staff who is always on call to answer questions and provide assistance wherever it is needed.


Some examples of when families may use Isle of Man live in care include:

Clients Currently Receiving Hourly Visiting Care

Elderly people receiving hourly home care provided by a care agency or by social services might begin to notice that the level of care they are receiving is not as personalised as they need. With live in care, a carer lives in your home and provides one-to-one personalised care and companionship based on a trusting and sustainable client/carer relationship.

Live in care on the Isle of Man is a lot less expensive than hourly home care and provides continuity of care, which is important factor to building a strong client/carer relationships and helping those with complex care requirements overcome or relieve their symptoms.

Isle of Man Home Care for Couples

Safehands Live In Care offers effective, affordable live in care for many elderly UK couples. Whether just one, or both, people need live in care support, we can provide the care and support they need. Research shows that elderly couples who are able to live together in their homes often show dramatically improvements in both mental and physical health and this effect is multiplied by professional one-to-one care that Safehands Live In Care offers our clients.

Isle of Man Hospital Discharge Care Services

New hospital discharge regulations require their elderly patients have adequate home care in place before they can be discharged. Safehands Live In Care ensures that care is in place and our Isle of Man live in care team will manage your hospital discharge including liaising with the healthcare professionals.

Adults Specialist Care Needs 

Safehands Live In Care understands the needs of patients with complex care issues and we can assist clients with dementia, Parkinson’s and other special medical conditions as needed. Live in care ensures that they receive the continuity of care they need to build stronger client / carer relationships.

Elderly Falls Prevention 

Falls are a contributing factor to increased hospital admissions in the elderly. A fall can occur at any time, especially if there isn’t anyone there to assist them. A live in carer on the Isle of Man can help keep elderly clients safer in their homes and reduce the risk of falling. If a client does become injured in an accident, a live in carer can provide first aid and alert emergency personnel if needed.

How Do I Arrange Live In Care In Isle of Man?

Our easy 4-step procedure will help you arrange live in care on the Isle of Man quickly and conveniently.

Step 1. Speak To Our Local Team

Contact Safehands Live In Care on 0203 417 0090 or 0208 617 8113 and one of our knowledgeable care specialists will assist you and answer any questions you might have.

Home Instead Care Assessment

Once we understand your needs, we will schedule a home care assessment and a local home care manager will visit you to further discuss your care needs.

Create Your Tailored Care Plan

Step 3 involves creating a custom tailored care plan based on the information our local home care manager gathered.

Carer Matching And Introductions

Finally, you will be matched up with suitable live in carers in Isle of Man. You will meet them and decide if they are the right carers for your needs.


How do I arrange for 24 hour care at home?, please call us today.

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