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There is a wide range of options when it comes to elder care in the UK. From live in care and residential care homes, to hourly care, nursing home care and more, the choices can be confusing. But if you want the best possible care and you want to live in the comfort of your own home, the choice is clear. Live in care Lincolnshire allows you to live in your own home with a trained professional carer who will be on hand to provide constant personalised care and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Safehands Live In Care is the leading live in care agency that is trusted by more families throughout the UK. We have been rated “Good” by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and our local Lincolnshire live in care service is committed to meeting our clients’ needs. From providing companionship and friendship, to personal care, medication help and specialist support for clients suffering from dementia, strokes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, Safehands Live In Care Lincolnshire is always there when you need us.

What Is Live In Care?

Live In Care Lincolnshire
                               Live In Care Lincolnshire 

Live in care, also called 24 hour care at home, is one of the best options when it comes to personal care in the UK. With live in care, a professionally trained and experienced live in caregiver lives with you in your home and provides the care and assistance you need for everything from daily activities to health and medical dosing. They are available to assist you in your home throughout the day and at night, if necessary.

More and more elderly people are choosing live in care in Lincolnshire over moving into a residential care home. The comfort and familiarity of their own homes is the biggest deciding factor. 24-hour home care gives them the ability to continue to live independently at home, knowing that 24-hour care is available when they need it.

How Is Live In Care Different?

Live in care differs from many other traditional elder care options in that it is a more cost-effective and efficient solution to hourly care or residential care homes. Not only do you continue to enjoy your home and current lifestyle, but you receive continuity of care which enables you to build a sustainable relationship with your team of live in carers.

24-hour care at home is customised to your needs and a care plan is developed around your daily routines and goals. Unlike most care providers, Safehands Live In Care offers live in care that is local to Lincolnshire and managed, supported and quality assured by local care managers at our local offices.

Some examples of when families may use Lincolnshire live in care include:

Clients Currently Receiving Hourly Visiting Care

Elderly people who receive hourly home care either from a care agency or social services, often find their level of care lacking, especially with the higher cost of care. Another drawback to hourly home care is that there is no continuity of care and you will often have many different carers throughout the course of a week. Because of this, many hourly home care clients are turning to live in care and the higher level of one-to-one care it provides.

Home Care for Couples

Elderly couples can benefit the most from live in care in Lincolnshire as they are able to reduce care costs and live comfortably in their own homes. In home care offers a wide range of physical and mental health benefits that are ideal for elderly couples or those who are recovering from an injury or illness. With the support of a professional care giver on-hand 24/7 to assist with domestic support, personal care and medication help, live in care for couples offers a significant cost savings vs. residential care homes.

Lincolnshire Care After Hospital Discharge

New healthcare regulations require that elderly patients have an appropriate level of care in place before they can be discharged from the hospital. Our Lincolnshire live in care team will act as a liaison between you and the hospital to ensure the hospital discharge requirements are met and that you can recover in the comfort of your own home.

Specialist Care Needs

Elderly people with complex care needs or special conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s, will benefit from full-time live in care. This is especially true when compared to hourly visiting care (or domiciliary care), which doesn’t offer continuity of care, something important to these complex conditions. With greater continuity of care, more personalised care and sustainable client / carer relationships can be established.

Elderly Care Lincolnshire & Falls Prevention

The number one cause of ill-health and hospital admissions amongst the elderly in the UK is falls in the home. By choosing live in care, you can greatly reduce the risk of falls since a live in carer will always be on hand to assist with any tasks that could result in an accidental slip and fall. Those living with complex needs or who have mobility issues will find that a renewed sense of confidence around the home can be very motivational. A live in carer can also provide necessary urgent medical care in the event of an accident or fall.

How Do I Arrange Live In Care In Lincolnshire?

Our easy 4-step procedure will help you arrange live in care in Staffordshire quickly and conveniently.

Speak To Our Local Team

To arrange live in care in Lincolnshire, first contact Safehands Live In Care on 0203 417 0090 or 0208 617 8113 and let one of our knowledgeable care specialists will assist you with any questions you might have about live in care.

Home Care Assessment

A home care assessment will be conducted by a local home care manager who can discuss your specific care needs.

Create Your Tailored Care Plan

Then, a custom tailored care plan will be created to enable us to meet your care needs as effectively as possible.

Carer Matching And Introductions

Finally, you will be matched up with a team of suitable live in carers and be introduced to them to ensure they are a good fit.

How do I arrange for 24 hour care at home?, please call us today.

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