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Safehands is an expert provider of 24-hour live in services in England. We serve the Greater London area with 24-hour live-in care. Our range of specialist and unique 24/7 care services can cater to clients with a diverse set of long-term, complex or progressive needs. The main benefit of live-in care is that the client remains in their own home. This provides both security and familiarity, both of which are invaluable to the client’s wellbeing. Safehands dedication to 24 live-in care at home has culminated in a rating of “Good” by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our 24-hour live-in care service is locally managed and thus, we’re able to provide extra levels of trust and assurance with regular spot-checks and routine check-ups.

Our carers are specialised to care for several conditions. These include conditions and diseases such as those induced by accident or stroke, degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia and a variety of other bone of movement disorders, etc. Since our carers spend 24 hours a day with the client, you can rest easy with the peace of mind that the client is being cared for round the clock in the comfort of their own home.



So What is Live-in Care?

Live in care London
                                        Live in care London


The term live-in care denotes the scenario where care takes place at home on a live-in basis. Instead of visits from agency workers or social services, live-in carers live together with the client and are therefore on hand 24/7 to deal with all care needs. This offers the great benefit that the client can retain control of the house whilst receiving care.



Live in Care and Normal care, The Differences

Live-in care’s point of differentiation is that it provides care at home to a client on a 24-hour basis. Normal care is periodical and therefore, it is inherently more sporadic due to its infrequent nature. Live in care instead provides care spontaneity which helps combat loneliness. Since 24-hour carers spend a lot of time with the client, they can build relationships which can prove invaluable to the wellbeing of the client.

Safehands also place great emphasis on the initial care assessment which sets out healthcare goals and expectations. We can work with those who need standard levels of personal care or much more advanced, intense or demanding care schedules. Since we operate from local offices, we also perform spot checks to check things ranging from whether medication is being delivered on time and personal or specialist care.

Since live-in care provides care at home, the costs of paying for a residentially rented room in a care home is circumvented. This means that live-in care is great value given the extra benefits it confers to the client.


Look on to learn to best benefits from live-in care at home:

 Those Who Already Receive Regular Care

Regular care may occur either frequently, so hourly, or infrequently a couple of times a week depending on care requirements. Hourly care is common for those who need frequent personal care. Hourly care can quickly reach unaffordable costs if it involves many carers across different agencies. 24-hour live- care, comparably, enables for care round the clock which means there is continuity. It also provides peace of mind that there aren’t unoccupied spaces between care periods.

24-hour care in London often works with two care workers. These work on a week-by-week basis, swapping over each week. This means that the client has continuous time with each care worker to build bonds and relationships.

London Home instead care for Couples 

Couples greatly benefit from home instead care . Firstly, live in care circumvents the costs of renting a two-bed room in a residential care home. It also means the couple can live in the house they’re used to, enjoying the liberty of doing so and the home comforts they’re used to having on hand.

Live in Care For Hospital Discharge

After hospital discharges, live-in care may be needed to meet the requirements of the client. Live-in care at home in this scenario offers an immediate choice that can be enacted simply post-discharge. We will liaise with hospital workers on the ward to determine the exact care needs of the client before making a home assessment for live-in care.

 Live -in Care for those with Complex Conditions

Our specialist carers can provide specialist care for those suffering from progressive illness or long-term or complex conditions, etc. These include types of degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s and dementia as well as disability caused by accident or stroke, etc. With care 24/7, you can have peace of mind and sanctitude that care goals are being met around the clock by our trained specialist carers.

Accident and Fall Prevention

Falls can be the cause of serious injury in the elderly and they are a large contributor to hospital admission. Our 24-7 live-in care service can help mitigate the risk of falls. Also, in the event of fall and accident, we can contact for an ambulance or doctor quickly and easily.


 How Do I Get Started with Live in Care in London?

 Chat to Safehands

Safehands will respond to every query, question or request. You can reach us either on our local number which is 0203 417 0090 or at our London headquarters number which is 0208 617 8113. Feel free to leave if a message and we’ll ring you back. Our friendly team of customer representatives and care experts will contact you as soon as they can.

Assessing your home care criteria

Once contact has been made, we can establish your criteria to begin formulating a care package. Our local care manager in Devon will contact you for a visit to your home or property, or other care setting. Here, we will begin to assess the home and the preliminary care requirements before we make a more detailed plan.

Formulating a personal care plan

After our assessment, we’ll begin to form a custom care plan. This will meet goals set out by healthcare professionals and will meet both the standard and advanced or unique criteria of the client. We will work with you to come up with a plan you can fully trust.

Finding an Ideal live-in carer in London

Finally, we will find the best live-in carer for you. We will make sure the live-in carer has specialist knowledge if required. Our live-in carers in London can provide for an array of complex and unique care requirements. We will arrange a meeting with the client before proceeding to start the care package.



How do I arrange for 24 hour care at home?, please call us today.

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