Live In Care Cost

The cost of live-in care is determined by the agencies involved and therefore, can vary from one agency to the other.

As we grow older and get slowly inducted into the community of elderly citizens, it becomes vital to tackle some fundamental issues that are common among older members of society.

It is inevitable to provide some form of care for our aging loved ones, and while the most popular care providers today offer residential home care, it has been determined that this form of care might not be best for people who have special needs and require special attention. Old age comes with lots of individual disabilities, illnesses, and health issues, and without the proper care, deterioration occurs faster than usual.

At Safehands Live In Care, we charge our clients weekly, ensuring that our charges are affordable to the average family and maintaining a rigorous standard and care regimen all in the same breath.

We understand the importance of professionalism, safety, and security in our industry, and we only employ carers who are deeply passionate about caring for other people and have a genuine love for humanity's continued survival.

Years of experience in the care industry has helped us to understand that a change of environment is usually not beneficial to an aged person as it ultimately leads to loneliness, anxiety and in some extreme cases clinical depression. This is not unusual as older adults are prone to age-related diseases and health concerns are given the fact that their body, in most cases, cannot be as active and fight better against these health issues.




Dementia happens to be one of the most devastating age-related diseases in the world today, and its impact is usually significantly felt both by the diseased-individual and his or her family members.

The impact of dementia is not only felt health-wise but also profoundly eats into the family's finances especially in a country like the United Kingdom where dementia classified under social care needs as opposed to health care needs. In many cases, patients have to pay fund their dementia care costs as the government for a large part refuses to take responsibility for such diseases.

What are the Care Costs of Someone Living with Dementia?

According to a recent study, the care cost of someone who lives with dementia in a residential care model falls between thirty and eighty thousands GBP yearly. This is a staggering amount for one family to bear alone even if they belong in the upper echelon of society. The elderly care costs of someone who lives with dementia in a nursing home is outrageous and considered unnecessary, given that live-in care provides a more affordable alternative which has over the years proven to be even more useful.

Bespoke live in care packages

At Safehands Live In Care, we offer personalised care services, tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and help provide the best the care industry has to offer. We also provide flexible live-in care costs and schedules designed to attend to every need of your aged loved one.

Live In Care Packages!

Low Dependency Care

From £699.00

per week

Good for clients who are quite independent- support with domestic duties (cleaning, cooking, shopping)

Medium Dependency Care

From £750.00

per week

– Good for clients with limited independence – assist with domestic duties (cleaning, cooking, shopping) – providing companionship

High Dependency Care

From £850.00

per week

Good for clients that depend on the carer for every thing if not all activities- support with domestic duties

Couples Care
Respite Care

From £900.00

per week

support with domestic duties (cleaning, cooking, shopping) – providing companionship – assisting with events and medical appointments

Traditional Home Care

Traditional home care has been around for decades past and was the accepted practice for quite some time, but this method proves to be unnecessarily expensive and in the long run quite detrimental to the health of an older person.

This model involves the administration of specified care packages at predetermined time intervals during which a carer visits your loved one to complete their tasks. Carers who work in this model are unable to provide 24-hour care services to the elderly ones.  Although this model also gets the job done, it defeats the purpose of the endeavor, which is to provide adequate care to a loved one. The care at home costs for an average elderly individual are quite expensive and given that it doesn’t offer a lasting solution, might not be worth passing other care methods over.

It is common knowledge that one of the essential features of the care industry is companionship and you would be surprised at how many more years are added to the life of your elderly one when they are paired with the appropriate companion. The absence of companionship leaves your elderly loved one with the risk of sustaining fatal injuries and in dire need of special attention, especially in cases of patients who have dementia, Alzheimer's and other age-related diseases.

Live In Care

Live In Care is one of the most cost-effective care provision methods in the care industry as it provides complete solutions to the problem of care for older people at an affordable cost and equally offers lots of flexibility.

The 24-hour care cost of Live-In care through a private care provision service is estimated at an average of 699GBP weekly. At Safehands Live In Care, we do not just deploy a carer to your place of abode; instead, they are appropriately paired according to your custom needs and requirements. All Safehands carers are highly trained, and professional caregivers with substantial levels of experience in the industry, and they are in the best position to provide your elderly one with the care that they truly need.

With Live In care, your elderly one remains in their home and comfortable space, and they remain a part of their community while receiving adequate care and companionship.

Although with this model, they are still responsible for their living costs and even need to ensure that their properties are adequately maintained in addition to the private live-in care that they receive.

Funding Care

Funding the care of your loved one can be quite complicated, and when done without the necessary process. It is advisable to arrange a free assessment session at your local authority department to get an insight into what your loved one needs and the best way to go about it.

It is equally possible to request for financial assistance through a means-test if you believe that your loved one deserves one and will be eligible for it. Only older people with assets that are less than GBP 23,250 are eligible for financial assistance in care provision cases in the United Kingdom.

If you or your loved one can't afford their dementia care costs, there are some practical ways to bear the expenses, including an equity release scheme or investing in a lifetime annuity.

When it is determined that the live-in care model is perfect for your elderly one, it is best to consult your private care provider on how best to tackle their individual needs and the accompanying costs. At Safehands Live In Care, we provide professional advice on the best way to fund the live-in care cost of your loved ones.

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