How Live In Care Works

 How Live In Care Works

There are so many benefits of having a live in carer. One of them is that the live in costs are affordable than nursing homes, but it also offers a personal, hands-on service that these facilities don’t offer. Here is a breakdown of how live in care works and what you gaining from using our award-winning service.

Live in care service involves not one, but a pair of carers, who alternate and therefore provide around the clock service that is reliable and secure. Providing companionship in the comfort of their home, means that you or your loved one is able to retain their independence.

How live in care hours work is that carers, having their own bedroom, live in the homes of our clients for up to seven days of the week. During their 24 hour care shift, they will only spend a maximum of two hours away from the client’s home. This is arranged at a time that is decided on and is convenient between our clients and their carer.

Each live in carer is meticulously chosen by us, but our clients and their loved ones, in a one-on-one consultation. This is done to make sure that our live in carers and their charge;  interests and personality are a perfect match. This gives our elderly clients and family members the peace of mind and knowledge that they are protected and looked after.

Whether you need help with domestic activities, personal care, or companionship with social activities, our live in carers are always there to help in a discreet and respectful way. This allows individuals and couples to feel comfortable in their own space, and to continue living their lives surrounded by familiar people and neighbourhoods.

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How Live In Care Works
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