Disability live in care services

disability live in care

We provide support at home Dealing with disabilities, whether mental or physical, can be a momentous struggle. However, with the right support and professional care, disabilities can be managed. Live in disability care offers all these benefits in the comfort of the sufferer’s own home. Being supported and cared for around the clock in a familiar setting, whether for a short or extended time, will allow clients to remain comfortable and live as independent a life as possible.

About Safehands Disability live in Care

Because each person is unique with their own personal needs, our disability live in care is tailored to each individual’s specific requirements. Whether you are looking for 24 hour assistance or short-term care, you are guaranteed that our friendly, well-trained carers offer not only professional on-call care but true companionship. With Safehands you can expect the following:

That our clients’ are supported in all home tasks from cleaning to cooking.
That our clients’ basic hygiene and personal needs are taken care of.
That our clients’ medical and toilet needs are assisted with.
That our clients’ get the care and support they need to be as independent as possible.

The Benefits of Safehands
Disability Care

Our carers for disabled people provide quality hands-on medical support, but offers companionship and assistance in all aspects of our client’s life. And all in the familiar comfort of their home, bridging the gap between healing and independence. Unlike facilities where patients outnumber the staff, live in disability care provides personal attention while maintaining as normal a life as possible. You should expect the following benefits from disability live in care:

Round the clock on-call support
Companionship care given with respect
Carers who offer open communication and are well-trained to assess difficulties

If you don’t find what you want, there are other Disability organisations you might find helpful such as Acope About disability


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