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we provide dementia live in care service at home in UK

Are you looking for a Dementia live in carer at home ? We provide dementia care and carers at the comfort of your homes. All of our carers are professionally trained in all aspects of dementia care at home and they provide not only a calming companionship, but a caring structure. They know the importance of looking after and supporting a people with dementia. They know all recommendations for assisted living. This allows dementia sufferers to continue enjoying their daily lives with as much support as is needed.

Care costs for dementia sufferers

Our care home fees are very reasonable in the UK, as compared to care homes also known as residential homes. We aim to provide the best care possible at reasonable charges. We have care packages as low as £599 per week. Get in touch with our care representatives, and we will give you a no-obligation home visit, as to assess your care needs. All or part of your care can be funded by your local authorities.

Our dementia live in care support at home

Dementia is a complex condition and needs to be handled uniquely, with the utmost care. Our dementia live in care support enables sufferers to remain in the comfort of their homes, relieving them of any unnecessary confusion or additional stress –  which is paramount to managing a condition that is already so tough to deal with. It also allows our clients to still maintain a healthy level of independence as they carry out their daily activities while still getting the sensitive care they need.

Providing the compassion and care needed, SafehandsDementia Live In Care service is tailored to the individual needs of each client, ensuring that our clients suffer the least amount of change and upheaval as possible. Assisting you or a loved one in all aspects of running a home, Safehands offers you the best Dementia live in care. Always making sure our clients physical, personal and health needs are met as well giving them encouragement and instilling a feeling of confidence, every step of the way.

Dementia sufferers and carer relationship

The relationship between the sufferer and the carer is a positive one. Having a companion around who understands the needs of a dementia sufferer and who has the best interests of their client at heart, is essential. Whether it is making sure meals are cooked to the clients likes or helping with laundry and personal hygiene issues, a carer is able to minimize the vulnerability the sufferer may feel when living with this illness.

The benefits of Dementia Live In Care

Not only does dementia live in care mean that suffers get to stay in an environment that is familiar to them, but also stay close to the community that they call home. Eliminating the isolation from family and friends that would happen if the client went to a facility, helps manage the feelings of loneliness and confusion that comes with having dementia.
From washing and ironing, to cleaning and cooking, dementia live in care will provide absolute peace of mind to the sufferers and their families. And whether it’s to export them to a social event or therapy or just spend time at home, our carers offer the perfect companionship so that our clients are able to live the best quality of life they can. Giving them a fresh lease on life and positive support for good health.

What to know about dementia

Dementia is not a disease. It is a mixture of diseases. When you get older, you have more chances of develoing it. According to the NHS,this usually occurs in the age of 65 years and above. Simple symptoms can be:

  • Difficulty in remembering
  • Difficulty in communication , for example, unable to make phrases
  • Problems with staying focused

If you think that someone that you know, a relative, close friend, has got it , you should contact your docteur and get help as soon as possible.

Need help and carer support at home

Getting support is necessary when dealing with dementia issues. Lack of information can cause you to be confused and loose all patience. People home, may not understand what is going on when a dementia relative is suffering. You can contact the Safehands team and trust them to provide your families with a qualified live in carer. You can also visit Dementia Society Like Dementia UK or  Alzheimers’s Society. We can also provide help for dementia carers in need of support as well. When you contact us, our live in care representative will give you an appointment, and visit you at home as to evaluate your care needs. Our trained team is there for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dementia Live In Care
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