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 Cambridgeshire Live In Care Service

We are a live in care provider in the UK which provides high quality care services within the area of Cambridgeshire, with a ‘Good’ rating from Care Quality Commission. Our comprehensive Cambridgeshire live in care service includes the full spectrum of care from the standards of friendship and companionship to help with personal care and medication. We also handle the more involved and intensive side of care for people who have suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, MS, strokes and dementia.

What, Though, is Our Live In Care Service?

Cambridgeshire Live in Care
             Cambridgeshire Live In Care Service


Often referred to as 24-hour care at home, live in care involves a trained and experienced carer living in the home of the client to help ensure their day to day needs are met. If required, it means the client has on-hand support whenever necessary, whether it’s day, emergencies and when support is required at night.

Live in care in Cambridgeshire has grown in popularity in recent years as a viable option instead of living in care homes. Clients can live in the home they’re familiar with, while having their changing needs met.

Elderly couples and individuals have a chance to remain living with independence at their home with 24-hour home care, knowing they have a trained carer available to provide 24-hour, care, whatever it may entail.

There is an assurance for the client that they will receive ongoing care as their caregiver is always present and ready to assist when support is required, emphasising the friendship and companionship aspect of our service.

How Does Live In Care Differ From Other Services?

Compared to the traditional residential care home service or on-the-hour care at home, live in care has several benefits. It gives your loved one the chance to continue with living in the comfort of their own home, lifestyle and being in an environment they’re used to, while getting the support they need. Something that’s important for people suffering from dementia and other chronic and degenerative conditions.

Specifically, bespoke to the needs of your family, the 24 care at home we offer follows a developed care plan that takes into consideration the outcomes you are looking to achieve as well as your day to day routine.

Compared to other UK care providers, our own live in care in Cambridgeshire service is quality assured, supported and managed from local offices, not a national central point. As part of that, we have a management team who perform visits offering support to carer and clients and to make sure all is well with their arrangement.

In comparison to residential care homes, live in care in Cambridgeshire as offered by us is more cost effective. This is especially true for any couples that use our service, as they would normally be paying for the use of two beds at a nursing or care home.

Cambridgeshire live in care, as offered by us, may be used in the following situation:

To Help With Falls Prevention

Falls are one of the most common reasons for admissions to hospitals and ill health in the elderly. The risk of falls can be lessened with a fully trained and attentive live in carer in Cambridgeshire present to make sure an individual is safe. In the event of an emergency if a client suffers from a fall and needs medical care urgently, a carer who lives with the client will be there to contact the necessary first response team, which could prevent a more serious consequence.

When Clients Have Specialist Care Needs

Live in care in England could be a more effective and appropriate form of care compared to domiciliary or hourly visit care in the case of clients who are suffering from more intensive medical conditions such as Parkinson’s or dementia or require specialist support on a medical level. In these situations, it’s also a better option than a nursing or care home. A true continuity of care is offered by 24-hour care in your home with a fully dedicated carer living alongside you and means a more customised delivery of care as well as stronger carer and client relationships can be achieved.

After Hospital Discharge

In some cases when a client is being discharged from hospital, they might need to have adequate care package in place, that makes their home safe for them to return. With the Cambridgeshire live in care team, we can help clients to return to their own home after a spell in hospital in a managed way, and we can help by discussing the situation with the healthcare professionals at the hospital and assessing the unique needs you have at home and hospital.

 Better Option for Couples Who Need Home Care

Elderly couples can benefit from live in care in Cambridgeshire, if one or both need support. It helps with the morale and relationship of a couple, as they can stay together in a place, they are both comfortable and familiar with. The live-in carer we provide will be there to help them with their day to day care needs. It’s also worth noting that compared to residential care for couples, live in care is significantly cheaper.

Elderly Clients Who Already Receive Hourly Visit Care

In situations where a family is receiving what is commonly known as domiciliary care or hourly visit care from social services or an independent care agency to look for other options. We at Safehands can offer different care packages depending on the client’s care needs.

Care in your own home is one of the main benefits of 24-hour care, especially if there is an exceptionally high number of visits required daily. UK live in service providers like us offer clients the advantage of having one-to-one care from professional carers working on a four weekly rota basis, to help foster stronger carer and client relationships and a very real continuity of care. When the carer needs a break, we do provide a temporary carer who will cover while the main carer is away.

How is Live in Care in Cambridgeshire Arranged?

Contact us Directly

To find out more about our services and how to arrange them, you need to contact our team here at
Safehands directly, via 0208 617 8113 or 0203 417 0090. You can also simply click here, and we will return your call. Our team of warm and friendly professionals will assess your needs and consider suitable live in care options in England.

We will Assess Your Home Care Needs

Taking into consideration your daily routine, the home care manager in your local area from our team will come to your home or the care setting you have in a care home or hospital and answer your questions while fully assessing your needs.

Establish a Bespoke Plan for Your Care

We will personalise a plan of your care that you agree on that takes on board the information we gathered during our assessment and identifies the kind of support you need.

Suitable Matching to Carers and Introduction

We will pair the client with live-in carers in Cambridgeshire that are most suitable for them in terms of personality and experience. Clients will always be able to contact the care management team in their local area for support and we monitor the care delivered to our clients constantly, through carer weekly phone call check-ups and our online system.

How do I arrange for 24 hour care at home?, please call us today.

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