18Feb 2017

The cost of future care is one of our biggest concerns about getting older: Will our home have to be sold as we move into a care home to pay for it.? Will all savings be used up or children have to use their savings to pay for care? Will there be nothing left to […]

13Feb 2017

Taking the stressful decision to put a loved one in long-term care can place a huge strain on families. It’s heart ­breaking to confront the fact that your mother or father may no longer be able to look after themselves. And then there is the upheaval of moving them from a home where they may […]

18Sep 2016
what is live in care

Live in care is a service that allows you to book a carer, sometimes known as a caregiver. One trained carer is assigned to live with you in your own home 24/7. This service is suitable for people in need of 24 hour care at home. Live in care is not only for the Elderly […]

09Sep 2016
prevent constipation

Food plays a major role and anyone can experience constipation, especially if you are not careful of what you put on your plate. It’s up to each and evryone of us to find the right balance. Constipation occurs when food moves slowly through the large intestines. How to stimulate the intestines After being ingested food […]