Arranging your Live In Care

From the beginning of arranging your live in care process to the end, Safehands will be there every step of the way as a support and guide for you. This is what to expect from us when arranging your “at home care services for the elderly

Full breakdown of service costs and expenses
Supportive approachable team to answer any and all question
A full assessment of the clients health, social and physical needs
Offer up info on all care packages and services we offer to help you pick the perfect one for you.
Discuss our carers team and help you find the most suited carer for your unique care.

Arranging your live in care : STEP 1

Call us or send us your service request. Our care representatives, will briefly note down the services that can interest you, and propose you a home visit.

Arranging your live in care : STEP 2

A no-obligation at-home visit is proposed and one of our care representatives can assess what your need requirements are. We will sit with you and,

1. determine what package would work best for you,
2. what kind of carer and care service you need ,
3. help you to find the best tailored package for you or your loved one.

This also gives you a chance to answer any questions you might have in a face-to-face setting before making your decision.

Arranging your live in care : STEP 3

After this initial meeting, once you have made the choice to let SafeHands handle all your care needs, we will then schedule a second home visit. During this meeting we will
1. do a full health and home assessment
( This will ensure that we can find a career best suited for your needs and also confirm that your home conditions meet the expectations of yourself and our carers)
2. go through all the information that we will then send you.
( This will also include a full terms and conditions document that will have every aspect of the care you need and terms of the agreement, This will make sure everything is in order. This will also help you to point out any special needs that will need to be considered that is unique to the client – such as food restrictions, allergies or any other such issues – and add them to your care package.)
3. Sign the contract

Arranging your live in care : STEP 4

We will send you a copy of the signed contract, and our carer can start providing the care service.

Arranging your Live In Care
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