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Safehands Live in care provides 24 hour care at home for the elderly or young adults, for yourselves or a loved one , at a reasonable cost. Whether you’re in need of urgent, immediate care, Safehands has qualified carers all over the UK.


Trustworthy care services for the Elderly

More and more Elderly people are choosing to live at home. This is because there are so many benefits than drawbacks. As one of the leading providers of Elderly 24 hour care at home , we understand that care costs can be expensive. That is why us at Safehands, has reduced our support charges to as low as £599 per week. This reasonable care package makes sure that you get the best care possible compared to supported living care homes. Besides, all our care packages are very flexible, that is , you can add or remove any other services that you don’t need. This price varies according to your care needs assessment .

As we get older, every-day tasks start to become cumbersome and deciding how to proceed may seem daunting. Especially when losing one’s independence can be so traumatic and we may find ourselves needing 24 hour care at home . Finding the right carer can be a problem as well, that is why we make sure that all our carers that we recruit a highly qualified, and very motivated individuals. This is very important because live in care jobs require carers who can treat all our clients with respect and dignity.

Age UK states in their research that most people would much prefer staying in their homes for as long as possible, retaining a sense of dependency. And when faced with the situation of being moved to a facility or nursing home, people suffer from greater stress and depression. But there is an alternative in the form of our 24 hour elderly care at home.

Advantages of domiciliary care at home

Private care at home has got so many advantages.The major one being independence. When you stay at home, you are free and comfortable. Living independently at home is what everyone wants because, they’s no place like home.
Age UK, while conducting their ‘Later Life in the United Kingdom’ study, also asked the elderly who were in 24 hour care at home programs, what assistance they received and which they found most beneficial. Here are their top answers:

68% said personal care
55 % stated security and safety
54 % noted meals
51% Home maintenance and comfortability
49 % Getting to have control over daily life
42 % stated getting to have social interaction
33 % Getting to do things I enjoy and love
live in care
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Whether you or a loved one need frail care or specialist care , due to illness or surgery or even elderly care at home that allows you to remain in the comfort of your home, Safehands has the solution. By providing quality carers, we make sure that you get the highest care possible, and that makes your life easy. Because each live in care program is built around individual needs, it provides the most personal quality of care available today. Maintaining a sense of independence, 24 hour care at home means that you or a family member will be able to enjoy as normal a life as possible in the security of familiar surroundings. This hands-on at home care will not only make sure all your needs are met, but provide you with companionship and support that facilities can supply.

From cleaning to laundry, cooking and shopping, our highly trained live in carers help in all aspects of home life, as well as making sure hobbies, social activities and interests are enjoyed. Our carers pride themselves on being compassionate and respectful, especially when assisting with the most personal of needs. We understand how important it is for us as we get older to hold onto the safety of our communities and the comfort of our homes as long as possible. It is Safehands mission to provide the most comprehensive and compassionate 24 Hour care packages. Assisting our clients with getting the right care while ensuring they can still maintain a good quality of life.

We have full time and part time carers

We have carers for all types of situations. Whether you are in need of long term or short term care , urgent care, Safehands has carers ready to provide support with dignity and compassion. Not to mention that all our carers are vetted, and strictly supervised to make sure that they provide the best care possible. Our carers are there, to provide one to one care. Highly motivated and passionate about what they do.
If you’re interested about our live in care services, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email. Our care representatives are ready to answer to your questions about care at home, or funding options as well.

Home Carers from all over the UK

Our carers are available all over the UK. We have local carers in all towns and cities, so that they can provide support as soon as possible. The standard of our carers is the same everywhere. They undergo professional training when they join Safehands live in care. Our home carers are available 24 hours whether for daytime or overnight care . Find out the benefits of having a live in carer at home. If you need help and advice on caring, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Couples care at home

Elderly couples or aging parents should not be separated. That is why we provide support at home for couples. Our live in care packages is tailored to meet your individual needs. One to one care is our priority. If you have any questions about this option, do not hesitate to contact us. Our care representatives are there for you. Once you contact us we’ll arrange to meet you at home, as to evaluate your current situation. From then on we’ll make a care package proposal based on our care assessement. This package is very flexible and we can easily remove or add any services as you need.

Funding your care

You local authority can help you find your care at home. All you have to do is get in touch with them. From then on, you are free to book your own carer at home to look after you. If you need help to contact your local authorities, we can can help you.
There are other funding option as well. You have to discuss with your local authorities to see if you are eligible to receive them. There are charities that can help with care advise like Crossroads Care.

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